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How to find Patience in Drug Rehab

Once someone goes to a drug rehab center, the expectation is for change.  Obviously the first change is to stop using drugs and alcohol.  There is a lot of pressure to turn your life around.  There reasons someone enters drug … Continue reading

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Changing Why to What in Drug Rehab

When a person is stuck in a cycle of addiction there are a lot of common things going on in their life.  A lot of these are neither fun nor good.  Loss of trust with their family.  Money problems.  Difficulties at work … Continue reading

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Sobriety is about Rhythm

A lot of times in talking about drug and alcohol rehab and treatment we use the term structure.  Structure is vital to the prevention of relapse.  However sometime a lot of people stiffen and fight the term.  It is like … Continue reading

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Moderation Management – Free Help for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Moderation Management in another free source of help for those facing alcohol and drug addiction.  At it core is personal responsibility for managing your addiction issues.  There is an easily reached on line group an forum.  Again these services are … Continue reading

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Drug Rehab is about Stopping and Getting it Right

I was on an airplane  yesterday and something very interesting happened that I think illustrates a very important point about one to the core values of going to a drug and alcohol rehab. It was the day before a long … Continue reading

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