Keep Trying all the Skills in Drug Rehab

In drug rehab there is no one single path to soberity.  You will here a lot of people talking about the way they found their way out of addiction.  These are wonderful and inspiring, but they may not be the way for you to find sobriety in drug rehab.  What is important is that you try and try and try. 

Success is never a cookbook in life.  In drug rehab that are many steps you need to try and master.  The order that you learn these skills and the realitive importance they will play in your juorney through drug rehab will vary.  If you do not seem to be making progress try something else, do not give up.  A very Powerful question is “What else can I try to learn or master today to add structure to my life?”

If you are really stuck, try this question.  Who can I help today to remain sober and add joy to their life?  In teaching others we learn and strenghten our own skills.  The great thing about being in a drug rehab treatment program is their are so many like minded people around.  You can ask any of them the question, “What else do you think I need to learn to move past addiction and remain sober?” 

Try not to compare yourself to others.  Drug rehab isn’t a competition.  It is not a race.  Just keep trying and looking forward.  You will find the skills you need.  Be open to new ideas.  Be open to change.  You will find the missing peices of the puzzle of life.  Nobody has the exact same journey. 


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