Drug Rehab Vs. Prison

It’s funny the conversations you can have on airplanes.  I find people so much more direct and honest when talking on an airplane.  It’s like they have nothing to prove or justify so they cut right to the core of an issue.  I was discussing drug rehab and some of the types of drug addidtion treatment that is available out there.  The fellow I was sitting with immediately and with much conviction stated his views on drug abuse in our society.

He was crystal clear that he believed in legalizing all forms of drugs.  He thought all the money we were “wasting” on police and prisons, could put thousands and thousands of clients through drug rehab for free.  If we taxed and sold them legally and that money could go to free drug rehab treatment as well.  On some levels it is difficult to argue with.  So many people are using some form of illegal drugs that really a large proportion of our population regularily break the law. 

So rather than waste all the money fighting this wave of  people, would it be more effective for far more people to treat those hurt by these activities with free drug rehab?  Part of the reason for this man’s strong stance on theis issue involved the loss of a close friend’s son because of the violence in the drug trade.  If you take away the turf of the drugs gangs and provide a consistent product you will save lives.  Less violence, and far less accidental overdoses.  Something to think about when we have so many people in need of free drug rehab and so many others in jail.

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