Regrets Rediscovered in Drug Rehab

We all have moments of clarity in our lives when we realize we have hurt people we love. They are never fun or enjoyable.  When clients going through a drug rehab program start to come out of the fog of addiction the pain can be overwhelming and depressing.  Sobriety has so many wonderful gifts to bring.  One is the gift of truth.  You come to a point where you see you no longer have to lie.  You are not drinking or abusing drugs.  Safe in a drug rehab center you are doing no illegal acts.  You have nothing to cover up for.

But you cannot have selective honesty.  It will shine its light in all areas of your life.  You will see how you abused and manipulated some of the people in your life.  People who were good to you.  This may lead to severe guilt and regret.  What you do with these emotions will depend on where you have your focus.  You can use these guilt feeling to focus yourself on learning and practicing the skills taught in the drug rehab program to make sure you never hurt people like this again.  You can use the pain to overcome the fear you have about changing.  Or you can wallow in it.  You can feel sorry for yourself and make self limiting statements like, “nobody will ever forgive me or trust me again”.

It is Ok to feel guilty, it shows you have a soul and can tell right from wrong.  It’s what you use the guilt for, that will determine whether you live a life of constant regrets, or move past them.   You will have many emotions in drug rehab, where you focus that energy, will have a large amount to do with the success you will have when you leave drug rehab.

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