Breaking Rules and Drug Rehab

Life and drug rehab is filled full of rules.  It seems that people stuck in a cycle of addiction seem to think the rules do not apply to them.  They feel terminally unique and feel they have exceptions for everything and therefore just do not have to follow the rules.  We all think we are unique and our problems are different than everyone else’s. 

Once you end up in a drug rehab center it is debateable as to the uniqueness of your problems.  The fact of the matter is that rules are rules.  If you break them enough, you will end up with consequences you may not want.  If doesn’t matter if you are Donald Trump, even the rich and the famous utimately have to follow the rules.

One of the ways in a drug rehab program, to get your mind off of all the reasons why you can’t follow the rules in the center and in life is to work on developing a forward focus.  Start to think about the person you want to become, not the person you are.  The person you want to become does not need excuses.  The person you want to become is solid and trustworthy.  The person you want to become does not take shortcuts.  The person you want to become does things right and rules are part of doing things right.  Developing a forward focus will change your drug rehab experience, and help you move past addiction in your life.

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