Suicide Threats and Drug Rehab

If you do not help me, I’m going to kill myself.  If you don’t give me money, I will kill myself.  I will kill myself and then you will be sorry.  Most families and friends of someone suffering with an addiction has heard this threat or something like it.  In drug rehab centers threats like this are heard.  If you have heard it many times from the same person it gets to the point where you do not take it seriously.  But you have to. 

Always answer with something that’s show’s you understand their pain and frustration.  Always say, if you are really feeling like harming your self we need to go to an emergency ward right away, or call an ambulance.  Ask again, do you need to get help right now?  If you are in doubt, call an ambulance.  Sometimes people use suicide threats as a way to get what they want.  It makes it difficult to figure out if they are suicidal, or just manipulative.  But you have to take the time to try to figure out which one it is.  Every time you hear it.  Again, if you are in doubt, call an ambulance, inside a drug rehab center or out.

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