Sobriety is about Rhythm

A lot of times in talking about drug and alcohol rehab and treatment we use the term structure.  Structure is vital to the prevention of relapse.  However sometime a lot of people stiffen and fight the term.  It is like they will have no freedom or fun left in their life.

I think more people might get what we are talking about if we use a word like rhythm. When an athlete has rhythm they say they are in the groove.  It when you do things well without too much thought.  You get a rhythm going when you go to a drug rehab center. That’s why there is a daily schedule that you have to do.  If self help made it easy to build structure we all would have no problems. Sometimes when we are stuck it important to just get on a schedule.  It doesn’t really matter what. We just need to get moving.  Once we are rolling we can alter it, or refine it. Drug and alcohol rehab is about getting going again. Rhythm gives you momentum and removes the exhaustion of deciding everything in your life on the fly.  Rhythm is a major key in relapse prevention.

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