Non 12 Step Alternative Drug and Alcohol Rehab

For those people searching for drug and alcohol rehab centers that truly have a program not utilizing the 12 steps the process is not straight forward.  It’s not like there is a yellow pages of drug rehab centers and a section in there dedicated to non 12 step rehabs.  The purpose of our blog at Canadian drug rehab centres is to give you as much information and choice in addiction treatment as possible.

We believe you have the right to choose whatever treatment model you feel gives you the most support and skill development in areas you feel you need, to help you move past addiction and stop relapse.  The Health Recovery Center in a non 12 step addiction treatment facility developed by Joan Mathews Larson, Ph.D.

She developed this program after the tragic loss of her son by suicide after attending a 12 step program.  It has been called  “The world’s first orthomolecular-based addiction treatment center.”  They examine the biomolecular imbalances in the brain and try to correct them as well as dealing with the issues of addiction.


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  1. Struggling to Succeed says:

    Are there non 12 step treatment programs for alcohol abuse that are covered by Ohip?

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