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Edmonton Drug Rehab Centers

While searching on the internet for Edmonton Drug Rehab Centers, I noticed most of the sites talked about Edmonton, Alberta.  They didn’t list any of the actual drug rehabs in Edmonton.  They they simply had information about the population of … Continue reading

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Sober Coaches, Drug Rehab One on One!

Is going to treatment in a drug rehab center just not something you can’t do?  Are you unable to leave your business or cannot go to treatment for some other valid reason, but addiction is destroying your life and you … Continue reading

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Stress and Drug Rehab

Stress and coping with it, is one of the main reasons clients use drugs and alcohol.  One of the main components of a drug and alcohol treatment center is teaching all the different ways we can cope with stress in … Continue reading

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How Long to Stay in Drug Rehab?

Once a client decides they need to go to a drug and alcohol rehab center one of the next most frequently asked questions is how long a stay is required?  It there a way to examine someone and come up … Continue reading

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Free Drug Rehab Online

We are always pleased to pass along any sources of help that are free.  12 step meetings through AA or NA are available throughout North America.  Another way to get to  a 12 step meeting but not leave the safety … Continue reading

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