Should Drug Rehab Centers Guarantee Their Treatment?

In the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, relapse unfortunately is a far too common event.  Various drug and alcohol rehab centers quote success rates from 50% to 70% at the very best of times.  This leaves a significant portion of clients, anywhere from a 1/3 to 1/2 looking for another solution, as they are back using drugs and alcohol within a reasonably short period of leaving a drug and alcohol rehab center.

If relapse is a common outcome for a lot of clients, is it fair to expect a quality drug rehab to come up with a solution for their clients, that doesn’t involve another large outlay of money for the client and their family?  I know you can’t make people change and that we are all responsible for our own future.  I’m not saying clients should not do their best to move past addiction.  I am saying that if 1/3 to 1/2 of clients going to a drug and alcohol rehab center are going to relapse, the fee structure should be built to accommodate that.  If families are borrowing money to send a family member to pay for a drug treatment program, shouldn’t there be some security for them?

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