Lying and Drug Rehab

If you NEVER lie, you will NEVER relapse! It may sound a little outrageous, but it is true.  All relapses are preceded by a series or cascade of lies.  Before a relapse we lie to ourselves by saying:

I’ve been so good, I deserve to live a little

Just this once

This is the very very last time

I just can’t help myself

These are just some typical examples, do you have any you can add to the list?  If fact, most behavior we know is not right is preceded by lying to ourselves.  When we take stuff from work that is not ours (stealing), we say things like, they won’t miss it, or they don’t pay us what we really deserve.

Before we relapse we always manipulate the truth to justify our actions.  If you publicly tell the complete and whole truth, you can avoid relapse and a return to drugs and alcohol.  If you go to your family and say, I’m going to tell you some things that are not the whole truth.  I will manipulate you to “lend” me money so I can go out and buy some drugs.  I am promising myself that this is the last time, however most times when I use drugs I end up back in trouble.  I have no reason or proof that I can use drugs just once.  Will you still lend me the money?

Do you think you would get the money?  Do you think you would relapse?  Lying leads to further addiction.  Lying is a core issue that must be dealt with and worked on while in drug rehab.  If you keep lying after drug rehab, you will relapse.


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