Why Detox and who needs to go?

When someone drinks alcohol or uses drugs for a long period of time, the body becomes physically dependent on it.  Stopping the drug and alcohol use leads to the physical symptoms of withdrawl.  Nausea, headache, cramps are common, but in more severe instances far more serious effects can be seizures and even death.

Detox can be difficult and dangerous depending on the drug and alcohol usage, the type and dosage, and the length of addiction.  The only really safe answer is everyone needs to go to detox, or the very least see a physician, to make that determination.  I know I have heard from many people who have said, “I just used coke, so I don’t have to go detox.”

Well there are still reasons to go to a supervised detox.  Number one is support and safety.  Having someone qualified to help you keep up your spirits is a large help.  They can watch for signs that may require you to seek more medical help.  But here is the real issue.  With drugs purchased on the street, who really know with 100% certainty what they were taking?  Street drugs come with no label, no list of contents.

It is because of that unknown, that the only real safe choice is to go to a detox facility with the staff and expertise to keep you healthy and focused on your journey away from drugs and alcohol.

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