Help Them Succeed at Rehab

Ever wondered how you could help and support a loved one of friend be successful at drug and alcohol rehab?  Now we have a new FREE downloadable workbook to help you and guide you.  It is filled with advice and exercises to help you clarify the things you can do to help and the things to avoid.  We are proud to add this workbook to our growing list of free help to people struggling with addiction and those around them.


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Change and lack of Change

I have noticed something the last little while.  Change is easy to see.  It does not need an advocate or a headline.  If you make changes to become healthier, people comment.  You do not have to ask someone, Have I lost weight?  They will see it and tell you on thier own. 

I really do not think you have to proclaim to the world that you are sober.  You are changed.  You are a better person.  If you have, they will see it.  In your effort.  In your energy level.  In your commitment to keep your word. 

If fact constantly talking about how you have changed seems a little hollow.  Who are you trying to convince, me or you?  Just fight the good fight and the world will notice.  It may take a while but it will notice.  Besides if you were mired in addiction, patience and humility are traits you probably need to work on anyway.

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Maybe there is a glimmer of hope at the end of the tunnel.  Finally we might give up on the “War on Drugs” and start to just help people.  With the legalization of Marijuana in two states south of the border we will stop the process of putting people in jail and instead helping them.  Crime exists around drugs because the laws make the selling of drugs a lucrative and steady source of income for gangs and dealers.  Take away the risk, drugs become cheap and the whole drug cartels and all the violence that goes with it disappears….overnight.  Then the money spent on prisons and police, can be better spend on counseling and life training and quality drug rehab centers.  Interesting way to win a war, stop fighting.

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Shorter Prison Terms for Drug Offences in U.S.

Finally there is maybe a glint of hope in the battle of addiction.  The U. S. has announced they will be seeking shorter prison sentences for drug offences.  This may finally be the first step to realizing the war of drugs has been and is a failure.  Wasting money on keeping people in prison for long terms has not changed the direction of drug usage at all.  If we can finally get drug addiction out of the court room and into drug rehab centers we will all be better for it.

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The Industry of Addiction

The War on Drugs really only benefits the people in the business of locking other people up.  Drugs are more plentiful than ever.  Addiction is everywhere with no signs of letting up.  So those who profit from charging , convicting and housing those caught in the illegal drug industry are the only ones winning in this war. Poor and desparate people go to jail.  Addicts do not get help.  Money that could be spent on treatment is spent on incarceration.  Police resources that could be spent in other areas are used because making drugs illegal, means high profits, means violence in the drug trade. 

Take away the profit, the violence will disappear, and everyone wins.  Less death by accidental overdose as people will actually know what they are consuming and what strength it is.  The prisons will have half the prisoners now present.  We can law off the excess prison guards and hire addiction couselors.  Sometimes I wonder what destroys more lives, drugs… or all the violence and damage caused by making them illegal and locking people up so they come out angrier and more lost than they were hooked on drugs.

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